WhatsApp in China - how to unlock it?

WhatsApp in China - how to unlock it?

From year to year, China is increasingly restricting access from its territory to Western websites and applications over which they have no control. Censorship in the Middle Kingdom is getting stronger and it also affects tourists traveling to this country. For some time, the popular WhatsApp communicator is not available in China. With this guide you will learn how to get access to WhatsApp in China using VPN.

China is becoming a more and more popular tourist destination. Many people are attracted by their cities, monuments and culture. The problem arises when we want to be in touch with family and friends during the trip and, for example, send them photos of our trip. If every day we use this for example from WhatsApp, if we do not install the application to connect to the network via VPN in advance, we will not be able to use it. From June 2017, WhatsApp was blocked in China.

How to use WhatsApp in China?

Internet in China is heavily controlled and censored by the authorities. Residents do not have access to content, services and applications that have not been approved by officials or do not have the appropriate permits. We can forget about access to Gmail, Facebook or Instagrama in China . Services that we know from home are blocked and unfortunately the same applies to the popular WhatsApp communicator .

The main problem for Chinese authorities is that WhatsApp encrypts messages sent by users. It allows free, unhampered communication without Great Brother supervision. This is very unattractive to the Chinese authorities who are trying to control every aspect of their citizens' lives. Therefore, in order to prevent the use of the application, the authorities block the access to its servers using the Great Chinese Firewall. It also affects tourists who would like to use WhatsApp in China.

Which VPN is the best for WhatsApp in China?

Unfortunately, not every VPN in China manages the "Big Firewall". Authorities are fighting this technology and are becoming more and more effective. However, there are still services on the market that deal with the avoidance of Chinese blockades and allow access to all applications and services that we know from the west. With the help of VPN services available below, you will easily unlock access to WhatsApp and other applications and services such as Facebook, Gmail or Instagram in China.

VPN provider
Our rating
Details of offer
6.67$ miesięcznie from $ 6.67 per month
30 days
3.99$ miesięcznie from $ 3.99 per month
30 days
5.0$ miesięcznie from $ 5.0 a month
free trial period

Do free solutions work in China?

Unfortunately, we have bad news for people looking for free solutions. Virtually none of them work in China. This is because the Chinese authorities use advanced tools that detect and block the operation of VPN services, and only the infrastructure of some providers can handle it. Of course, the reader can try to use the free VPNs described by us, but the chance that they will be able to bypass WhatsApp locks in China is low.

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