free online television in Norway

free online television in Norway

Norway has become a home and a workplace for thousands of Poles. A high standard of living, good earnings, beautiful, virgin and raw nature. In Norway, you can arrange a comfortable life, and thanks to the benefits of the Internet, stay up to date with family, friends and events in your country. However, there is a troublesome problem that affects Poles in this Scandinavian country, ie the lack of access to free online television in Norway. Fortunately, there are effective ways to do this, as discussed later.

How to watch free TV and VOD in Norway?

Lack of access to free Internet TV and VOD services in Norway results from regional blockades and licensing restrictions. They make access to specific content possible only from a specific country, in our case - from your country. Each user entering the site is identified by means of an IP address. If we are in your country, we have a free IP address, while connecting to the network from Norway - we will have Norwegian IP . Entering the websites of online TV and VOD (TVP, ipla, Player, NC + GO, WP Pilot, Showmax and many others) we will receive a message about the blockade due to being outside of your country . It may appear only when you try to play the video or when you enter the website - we will see a truncated offer, or very limited packages. For over 100,000 Poles living in Norway, access to free culture is very limited. Films and series with a teacher or free subtitles as well as entertainment programs and sports events (including representation matches) are not available on VOD platforms while in Norway.

The way to bypass this problem is to obtain a free IP address. How to do it the easiest way? With the help of VPN . It is a service that allows you to connect to the Internet using a special, encrypted tunnel (here you can read more about the VPN activity ), allowing you to choose the country through which we will connect to the Internet at a given moment. Thanks to this, we can easily obtain a free IP address and be a user residing in your country for the whole world, despite the fact that we live in Norway every day.

The very use of VPN is very simple . It all boils down to buying a service from a company that offers a VPN, and then downloading to your device (computer, tablet, phone) a suitable application with which you can connect to the server.

The best VPN for free television in Norway

We can find many companies offering VPN services on the network. However, not every one of them can be said to offer a good and effective service. If we care about the quality of connection and good speed, it is best to bet on a proven, paid VPN. This solution guarantees security, good service speed, high quality and support from technical support in case of problems. Searching for information on the VPN on the Internet, we can also come across free VPN services. In this case, however, we must be very careful - most free VPN services make money from the sale of users' data or computing power of their computers.

Below are two VPN services - NordVPN and ExpressVPN, which we think are best for watching free TV in Norway. First of all, they are characterized by simplicity of service , availability of a large number of servers in your country and very good speed , thanks to which they are able to provide. It may happen that the IP address of the VPN server will be banned by the selected VOD service. You should then try to connect using another one. In addition, they are one of the safest and best privacy protection VPN services available on the market, which in addition to access to the free VOD, is an additional advantage.

VPN provider
Our rating
Details of offer
6.67$ miesięcznie from $ 6.67 per month
30 days
2.75$ miesięcznie from $ 2.75 a month
30 days

What is the situation with individual free VOD services in Norway?

Unfortunately, virtually all free->

TVP in Norway

To watch TV in Norway via the Internet we need a free IP address. Unfortunately, access to public television resources is limited to Poles staying in Norway. This applies to both films, series and programs available on the TVP VOD website and the transmission of matches and other sporting events at TVP Sport.

ipla in Norway

In the case of ipla service, if we connect with it while staying in Norway and using the Norwegian IP, we will only be shown access to the Polonia ipla package (it includes mainly Polsat channels). We will not see and we will not be able to buy other packages without having free IP.

Player in Norway

On, we find movies, series and programs known from the TVN station. Kitchen revolutions, MasterChef, Kuba Wojewódzki, Millionarzy, Agent, X-Factor and many other programs are available only on the platform. Unfortunately, in Norway, access to it is blocked and without our VPN help we will not watch our favorite programs.

NC + GO, Showmax and other free VOD in Norway

With other VOD services such as NC + GO, Showmax or WP Pilot in Norway, the case looks similar to the ones described earlier. Without a free IP address, we will not get access to them, and when we try to reproduce the video we will receive a message about blocking.


In order to get access to free online television in Norway and VOD services, which we used every day while staying in your country, we need to help the VPN. Without it, due to limitations and territorial restrictions resulting from licensing restrictions, we will not be able to play movies, series and programs on favorite websites.

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