How to watch World Cup 2018 abroad?

How to watch World Cup 2018 abroad?

The World Cup is undoubtedly the biggest football festival. This year's event taking place in Russia, as usual, will attract crowds of fans to stadiums and millions of TV sets and monitors. The 2018 World Cup will provide extraordinary emotions, especially as the free national team will participate in them. Live broadcasts of Mundial will be carried out by TVP, both on traditional television and online. However, it will be limited only to the territory of your country. To watch World Cup 2018 abroad you will need a free IP address. This article will explain how you can get it using a VPN.

The broadcast of the World Cup in Russia will cover a total of 64 matches that will be played in different cities throughout the month - from June 14 to the final match on July 15. The most emotions will undoubtedly be brought by the matches of the free National Team, which we all support and hope that it will reach the World Cup final!

World Cup 2018 in TVP Sport abroad

Various TV stations and websites all over the world have license to broadcast World Cup 2018 live in their countries. In your country, the right to broadcast all games has free Television. Thanks to this, everyone in our country will be able to watch games on the platform without any obstacles or with the help of mobile applications for iOS or Android.

Unfortunately, the case does not look as good if we are outside of your country. To watch the broadcast of the World Cup on TVP with free commentary abroad, you will need a free IP address. Due to licensing restrictions, individual TV stations have rights to broadcast matches only in certain countries. Fortunately, there is a service like VPN that allows you to quickly and easily change the IP address to any country, without losing the connection speed. With the help of VPN, the user connects to the Internet via a special proxy server , which can be located in the selected country , and thus obtain the IP address assigned to it. In our case it will be a VPN server in your country , with the help of which we will change the IP address to free and bypass regional blockades.

VPN with free IP for World Cup 2018

Below you will find fast and tested VPN services with servers in your country, with the help of which you will get a free IP address. They have a client application that is easy to use and install. With its help, after a quick installation, you can connect to a free VPN server on your computer, phone or tablet in a few seconds. Both companies also offer a 30-day money back guarantee - if you will be dissatisfied with it within 30 days of purchasing the service or you feel that it has not met your expectations, then the company will refund you money.

VPN provider
Our rating
Details of offer
2.75$ miesięcznie from $ 2.75 a month
30 days
6.67$ miesięcznie from $ 6.67 per month
30 days
2.75$ miesięcznie from $ 2.75 a month
30 days

1. NordVPN - 9.1 / 10

NordVPN page
  • the best price-performance ratio
  • 42 servers with free IP located in Warsaw
  • 4000+ servers in 60 countries
  • use on 6 devices at the same time
  • good connection speed
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • total lack of logs
  • great privacy protection

NordVPN is characterized by a great price-to-performance ratio. Its offer includes 42 free VPN servers located in Warsaw, thanks to which we can easily obtain a free IP address. By connecting to them through the Internet, we will gain access to free television abroad and bypass regional blockades.

For NordVPN, we will pay a special offer of $ 99 for a three-year subscription, which will give you $ 2.75 for each month of service (cheaper by as much as 77% compared to monthly payments). Deciding on monthly payments, the cost of each month will be $ 11.95. NordVPN gives you 30 day money back guarantee - if we are dissatisfied with the service, we can use it.

2. ExpressVPN - 9.28 / 10

ExpressVPN page
  • unrivaled connection speed
  • free VPN servers located in Warsaw
  • 2000+ servers in 95 countries
  • use on 3 devices at the same time
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • no logs
  • good privacy protection
  • simple and convenient application

ExpressVPN is an unrivaled VPN when it comes to the connection speed, so you can easily view the content in HD and better. In case of any problems, we can count on technical support 24 hours a day, available via online chat.

ExpressVPN is best purchased in a special offer, under which we will pay $ 6.67 for each month. For 99 $ we will get a subscription for 12 months + 3 months for free. In this way, we can save up to 49% . If you are interested in a shorter period, you can purchase a monthly subscription for 12.95 $. Thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee, we can test the service and if we are unhappy - request a refund of the money spent.

3. CyberGhost - 8.98 / 10

CyberGhost page
  • 1700+ VPN servers in 53 countries
  • 69 free VPN servers
  • 5 devices at the same time
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 support
  • no logs

Like its predecessors, Cyberghost has a large network of VPN servers in your country, in this case it is as many as 69 pieces. This number of servers guarantees that we can be calm about the speed of video transmission.

We will pay $ 2.75 for each month for Cyberghost by choosing a three-year subscription ($ 99 total) or $ 11.99 for monthly payments.

In addition to access to free online broadcasts abroad, the use of VPN also brings a number of other benefits. The basic ones include:

  • significantly increases network security
  • helps to protect privacy
  • allows you to bypass censorship and page blocking
  • allows you to freely change IP to any country
  • enables access to foreign websites (eg Netflix USA )

Lock message

A message that we will see when connecting to TVP services from abroad, without free IP

World Cup 2018 - matches schedule

During the World Cup in Russia there will be 64 meetings. The most interesting matches are of course those in which we will be able to see the free team. In the group stage, matches will be:

  • your country - Senegal
  • your country - Colombia
  • your country - Japan

Individual matches during the World Cup will take place according to the following schedule:

Group stage matches

Date Start time teams Location
June 14 17:00 Group A: Russia - Saudi Arabia Moscow
June 15 14:00 Group A: Egypt - Uruguay Yekaterinburg
June 15 17:00 Group B: Morocco - Iran St. Petersburg
June 15 20:00 Group B: Portugal - Spain Sochi
June 16 12:00 Group C: France - Australia Kazan
June 16 15:00 Group D: Argentina - Iceland Moscow
June 16 18:00 Group C: Peru - Denmark Saransk
June 16 21:00 Group D: Croatia - Nigeria Kaliningrad
17 June 14:00 Group E: Costa Rica - Serbia Samara
17 June 17:00 Group F: Germany - Mexico Moscow
17 June 20:00 Group E: Brazil - Switzerland Rostov-on-Don
June 18 14:00 Group F: Sweden - South Korea Nizhny Novgorod
June 18 17:00 Group G: Belgium - Panama Sochi
June 18 20:00 Group G: Tunisia - England Volgograd
June 19 14:00 Group H: Colombia - Japan Saransk
June 19 17:00 Group H: your country - Senegal Moscow
June 19 20:00 Group A: Russia - Egypt St. Petersburg
20th of June 14:00 Group B: Portugal - Morocco Moscow
20th of June 17:00 Group A: Uruguay - Saudi Arabia Rostov-on-Don
20th of June 20:00 Group B: Iran - Spain Kazan
21st June 14:00 Group C: Denmark - Australia Samara
21st June 17:00 Group C: France - Peru Yekaterinburg
21st June 20:00 Group D: Argentina - Croatia Nizhny Novgorod
22th June 14:00 Group E: Brazil - Costa Rica St. Petersburg
22th June 17:00 Group D: Nigeria - Iceland Volgograd
22th June 20:00 Group E: Serbia - Switzerland Kaliningrad
June 23 14:00 Group G: Belgium - Tunisia Moscow
June 23 17:00 Group F: South Korea - Mexico Rostov-on-Don
June 23 20:00 Group F: Germany - Sweden Sochi
24th of June 14:00 Group G: England - Panama Nizhny Novgorod
24th of June 17:00 Group H: Japan - Senegal Yekaterinburg
24th of June 20:00 Group H: your country - Colombia Kazan
June 25 16:00 Group A: Uruguay - Russia Samara
June 25 16:00 Group A: Saudi Arabia - Egypt Volgograd
June 25 20:00 Group B: Spain - Morocco Kaliningrad
June 25 20:00 Group H: Iran - Portugal Saransk
June 26 16:00 Group C: Denmark - France Moscow
June 26 16:00 Group C: Australia - Peru Sochi
June 26 20:00 Group D: Iceland - Croatia Rostov-on-Don
June 26 20:00 Group D: Nigeria - Argentina St. Petersburg
June 27 16:00 Group F: Mexico - Sweden Ekaterinburg
June 27 16:00 Group F: South Korea - Germany Kazan
June 27 20:00 Group E: Serbia - Brazil Moscow
June 27 20:00 Group E: Switzerland - Costa Rica Nizhny Novgorod
June 27 16:00 Group H: Senegal - Colombia Samara
June 27 16:00 Group H: Japan - your country Volgograd
June 27 20:00 Group G: England - Belgium Kaliningrad
June 27 20:00 Group G: Panama - Tunisia Saransk

1/8 finals

Date Start time teams Location
June 30 16:00 1. from group C - 2. from group D Kazan
June 30 20:00 1. from group A - 2. from group B Sochi
July 1 16:00 1. from group B - 2. from group A Moscow
July 1 20:00 1. from group D - 2. from group C Nizhny Novgorod
July 2 16:00 1. from group E - 2. from group F Samara
July 2 20:00 1. from group G - 2. from group H Rostov-on-Don
July 3 16:00 1. from group F - 2. from group E St. Petersburg
July 3 20:00 1. from group H - 2. from group G Moscow


Date Start time teams Location
July 6 16:00 A1-B2 winner - C1-D2 winner Nizhny Novgorod
July 6 20:00 the winner of E1-F2 - the winner of G1-H2 Kazan
July 7 16:00 the winner of F1-E2 - the winner of H1-G2 Samara St. Petersburg
July 7 20:00 winner B1-A2 - winner D1-C2 Sochi


And - July 10, 20:00, Saint Petersburg

II - July 11, 20:00, Moscow

Match for third place

July 14, 4:00 pm, Stadium Kriestowskij, Saint Petersburg

The final of the 2018 World Cup

July 15, 17:00, Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

Where, apart from TVP, you can watch World Cup 2018 abroad?

Of course, online broadcast on TVP World Cup matches 2018 is not the only place where you can watch them. However, only there we will see them with free commentary. Depending on the country in which we are staying, we can expect that on local TV we will be able to watch the broadcast of matches played as part of the World Cup. In terms of online live broadcasting, it is worth mentioning the BBC broadcasts from foreign websites, which we can easily access if we have a British IP. In this article, you'll find more information on how to watch the BBC outside of the UK .

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