How to watch American Netflix?

How to watch American Netflix?

Netflix hit the free market and gained a loyal fan base. Outstanding serial productions such as House of Cards, Narcos, Stranger Things and The Crown, numerous television series and a large selection of films - access to such a substantial multimedia content base at an attractive price made Netflix's presence on the market a threat to its current position in the market. digital and cable. Especially with the gradual departure of the young generation from the traditional media.

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  2. VPN and Netflix USA - the current situation
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This American company, which started as a DVD rental service by mail, is currently the world's largest supplier of movies and serials via streaming. Amazon has its Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, Showmax, Hulu, and other emerging platforms - everyone wants to get a slice of this attractive market. However, Netflix still enjoys a lot of popularity.

VPN and Netflix USA - the current situation

The free offer of this streaming service provider is already quite rich and from week to week there appear new items. But this American Netflix has the largest database of movies and series, and content in other countries is limited by licensing. Locks and regional restrictions make it possible to view only a portion of the entire site.

Many people are wondering how to watch Netflix USA in your country and whether it is possible at all. The answer is yes - it can be done, but it is increasingly embarrassing. You need to use this VPN. If this concept is completely foreign to the reader, then this article explains what is a VPN .

By January 2016, there were no problems accessing Netflix with the service of changing the user's location. All you have to do is use any proxy or VPN and change your IP address to American, Canadian or English to access country specific content. Unfortunately the case is different now.

Under pressure from copyright owners for individual films and TV series (mostly Hollywood), Netflix has changed its policy. He started active battle with all methods to circumvent regional restrictions, taking services to the VPN mostly. This has been widely criticized by users, as not all of them use them exclusively to bypass geoblock . A greater number of users are using this type of service to protect their privacy and enhance their online security . The steps taken by Netflix were very unhappy with frequent US travelers and soldiers scattered around the world who accessed the native US content network using VPN.

The current situation is that only some VPN providers are still able to circumvent the Netflix locks. Some, mostly smaller providers, have resigned and have ceased to guarantee access to Netflix as part of their services. By connecting to a VPN that has been blocked we may encounter the following message:

The message we receive when using Netflix via proxy or VPN

In practice, it is the case that individual VPN providers that support Netflix's regional blockers have servers that are not blocked. Connect with an IP that Netflix has not banned, and then look at content available only in the US Sometimes it may happen that we will have to try several different servers before we get to one that has not been blocked. The information that the servers at individual vendors are dealing with is usually not publicly available - to make Netflix more difficult to identify and block. Once you have purchased the service from your chosen VPN provider, you should write to the technical support department about the servers that Netflix is ​​running (their numbers, names - each provider has a different policy on that). Also, for some providers besides VPN, we will also get Smart DNS for it. We can easily launch US Netflix on Smart TV, Apple TV, Chromecast and other devices.

Best VPNs to Netflix 2017

What VPN to Netflix is best? That depends a lot on our preference and whether we want to use the VPN for other purposes as well (to which we encourage). The first two of the services described below offer 30 days money back guarantee , which gives us a fairly long time to test the service, and if we are dissatisfied with it - the possibility of a refund.

ExpressVPN logo ExpressVPN

from $ 8.33 a month

  • access to the American Netflix
  • Smart DNS
  • very good speed and stability
  • Servers in more than 95 countries
  • use on 3 devices simultaneously
  • 30 day money back guarantee

NordVPN logo NordVPN

from $ 3.29 per month

  • access to the American Netflix
  • low price
  • great privacy protection
  • possibility to buy dedicated IP
  • Servers in more than 55 countries
  • use on 6 devices at the same time
  • 30 day money back guarantee

VyprVPN logo VyprVPN

from $ 5.0 per month

  • access to the American Netflix
  • good speed
  • Servers in more than 60 countries
  • 3 devices simultaneously
  • 3 days free trial period

The above mentioned VPN providers will meet the needs of most Internet users as to the capabilities and protection provided by the VPN. In addition, they also have servers in your country, so when connecting via VPN we will not lose access to free VOD services thanks to free IP.

Configuration and settings

American Netflix offer after connecting via VPN (eg not available in Netflix The Walking Dead)

Once you've purchased your VPN, you'll still be able to set up a service on your device where you want to view content available in a different geographic region than ours.

For your computer, laptop, tablet or phone, just download the app provided by your provider. With it we will be able to select the region of the world we want to connect (in our case USA) and server. If we see a message in Netflix that a VPN or proxy has been detected, then we need to try to connect to other servers or contact the technical support we will be providing.

If we have Smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox or PlayStation, and we would like to see Netflix offer for the US, then simply set up a VPN connection directly on the router or share it from our PC that connects to the VPN. We may also try to use Smart DNS, which is offered by some vendors. Please refer to the support section of the service provider's website.

In case of problems, you should contact technical support - they will advise you and advise you on what steps to take to fully enjoy the service you have purchased.

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